Monday, January 7, 2008

I Have Been On Strike (But Not Really)

Happy 2008.

I hope that you have managed to get by without your sporadic dose of Don Paco lately. Hopefully there have been no drownings among those of you crying yourselves to sleep in my absence.

I would like to tell you that I have not posted since before Christmas due to the fact that I have, in a touching and principled display of solidarity with my brothers and sisters in the Writers Guild of America, been on strike. It would be great if my silence of late had been due to my protest of the exploitative conditions under which I toil, uncompensated by my corporate overlords for the profitable fruits of my labors. However, I have no corporate overlords, and I generally perform few labors and thereby reap very little fruits therefrom. Mostly I have not updated this page because I am lazy and have recently had very few funny ideas. The former remains true, and apparently the latter does as well.

But now I am back, and ready to take my place alongside The Wire, the Beatles, and penicillin on every single critic's list of greatest things that have ever happened ever, which I figure will require that I post something at least every once in a while. So keep an eye on this space (or, better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed), because tomorrow we kick off the new year by looking back at all the ridiculous books I read last year. How ridiculous? Four of them prominently feature dragons, and one of them deals with evil telepathic man-eating plants (Feed me, Seymour!). Don't miss it.

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Fangcita said...

I'm glad you're back. I like making my office mate wonder what I'm laughing at during working hours.