Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You Are a Part of an Unparalled Phenomenon

We here at the Hacienda have just received word that this website is a bona fide internet phenomenon. Our award-winning journalism is being cited in that most venerable repository of scholarly knowledge, Wikipedia.

It appears that our award-winning, hard-hitting investigavite reporting into the superhero steroid scandal features prominently in Wikipedia's entry on Captain America. As that website writes, "Some have drawn parallels between the Super-Soldier Serum and the steroid scandals of today.[4]" That [4]? A footnote leading directly to this site (specifically, this article).

Now, if I were you, I would leave a comment right now, so as to record for posterity that you were here at beginning. That way, 15 years from now, when your 13 year-old daughter is berating you for being so damn uncool all the time, you can print out a copy of the comments page and show your spoiled ingrate spawn how, way back in 2007, you were all sorts of tight with THE Don Paco, at which point I predict that your pimply offspring will simply silently head back up to her room and change out of her "3 Input Woman" baby-tee without you even telling her to, out a pure, unadulterated, but in all likelihood short-lived respect for you, which you will thereafter immediately squander when you give her that Nickleback greatest hits album for her birthday and tell her "Now here's what I call real music."

By mere virtue of your reading this, you are now a part of this pop culture phenomenon. Years from now, when they interview you for the documentary, you can reminisce about how you remember exactly where you were that time that Santiago gave Bush that caculo, or about how the video of that Argentinian bat inspired you to follow your dreams and become a contortionist.

So thank you, my dear readers. You are both super duper awesome.


Adrian said...

Congrats on the Wikipedia reference, man - you've really made it, there can be no more doubt.

Anonymous said...

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