Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shewee's Big Adventure

Above: The Shewee.

Don Paco is not sure what he has been writing emails about that would prompt this, but today, after gorging on turkey, I opened up my gmail account and the ad displayed at the top was for something called the Shewee.

Obviously I was intrigued.

What is the Shewee? It turns out it is a “portable urination device for women.”

Left: Now you ladies can whip it out, too! (Presumably the gray areas surrounding that crotch are meant as shading and not, you know, an accident.)

It is basically a pee funnel for ladies. Tired of having to sit down to pee? Shewee takes care of that. Plus theoretically I guess you can, you know, write your name in the snow and all that good stuff.

Of course, there are still valid concerns to consider. Hygiene, for example. On the website (, surprisingly enough), Shewee's creators proclaim that "Thanks to Shewee you can enjoy many more events without having to worry about unhygienic public toilets!" While I guess that part is true, there's still the matter of you carrying your toilet around in your purse. The Shewee bigwigs also remind you that urine is sterile upon leaving the body.

Left: Not where you want a Shewee lady to be. This guy's about to get an unpleasant surprise, R.Kelly style.

The website provides an easy how-to guide on how to Shewee. (Step two is my favorite: "Aim urine to a suitable place – away from feet, into a toilet or a container." Container? Like what? The Drinkwee Peepee thermos? Yikes.) I guess maybe the Shewee is a bit tricky, because the instructions also give you the following: "Tip! Practise* with Shewee in the shower to find the best position for you!" (*: Shewee is for British peeing.)

It is a brave new world.

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Adrian said...

The Shewee is so British. I first saw it on the BBC in a reality show called Dragon's Den, where people take their crazy inventions before a panel of millionaire investors. The Shewee did not get any takers. But there it is in your Gmail, so I guess they didn't need the Dragons' money after all.