Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gingerly Clipped From the Headlines

Can you tell by the cover story picture and headline who we Puerto Ricans were rooting for this weekend? Hint: the answer is ¡COTTO!

Unfortunately, stories like this are all too common here in Puerto Rico. However, it seems like some parents a few years ago thought to themselves, "You know what, if we're going to have a kid that is going to get brutally murdered at some point, we might as well give him an awesome name. Then maybe some asshole will make fun of him on the Internet. Which doesn't exist yet."

Check out the highlighted portion to find out the victim's name.

The Force, unfortunately, was not strong in young Oby Wan Rodríguez. Police are still searching for the Imperial Stormtroopers rumored to be involved in the slaying.


Anonymous said...

Well, what more can you expect could happen on "Arteageaga" St.?

Katie said...

Adrian insists that he's going to name one of his children Spiderman. Not Superman, though, because apparently Superman "is a bitch".

Adrian said...

What is it with Puerto Rican names? The worst one I ever saw was at OfficeMax in Plaza; the checkout lady was called Judithsamuel. No hyphens. Just horror.

Adrian said...

And Superman is a bitch.

Francisco said...

Superman is such a bitch that he just whelped a bunch of puppies. Bitch puppies.

My favorite hideous PR name is still some girl Karla used to go to school with: Olgalicia.