Saturday, November 10, 2007

After the Flood

Dear readers, first and foremost, let me apologize for the long delay between postings here on the site. Things have been hectic here at the Hacienda. The Hacienda’s computer was down for a while, and may yet go down again. Every once in a while old Don Desktop just freezes up, and then when I restart him he says he has to check the D drive, and then all of a sudden Don Desktop rather cryptically declares that said drive is “dirty.” It then takes about 24 hours to scan itself for my protection. So far no word on what the dirty culprit is, nor what is taking so long. Though I can certainly think of some dirty things that lurk within my dirty hard drive. Wow, that does sound dirty.

Furthermore, because the Lord has forsaken this fair Hacienda (and, given the Satanic rituals which we regularly hold here, I do not hold this decision against Him), yesterday as I arrived at the manse following an inspection of my many lands and holdings, I found that the Hacienda had been flooded by the torrential rains let loose from the heavens. The rest of the afternoon was spent experimenting with water-removal efforts, some of which were disappointingly disappointing (wet-dry vac, you broke my heart), some of which were effective but time-consuming (collecting water in Tupperware containers and dustbins, then dumping it into garbage cans, which, when filled with tens of gallons of water, were then rendered immovable), and some which simply did not work (use of The Force).

In any case, the Hacienda is now once again dry, for now at least, and some new stuff is going online here over the next few days that you will not want to miss. I won’t tell you what it is, but let me just say this: Reagan-era board games, folks. Stay tuned.


Adrian said...

Damn son, what's with all the flooding? By the way, it's currently just below freezing in Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

I can bear witness to The Flood. Four people, two hours, diverse mechanisms, no ark. Also, Santiago, the faithful dogservant refused to be a party to the drying party. Got up on a chair and watched all goings-on with disdain (no wet furry feet for this wise pooch). Did a 'circo' swore he had nothing to do with The Flood 'cause we had left him home alone during the rains, for all of 2 hours.